Steam Machine

Steam particles are so small, they are able to permeate even the smallest openings in hair cuticles. By directing steam to the hair from the Parrucchi Steam Machine, moisture fills the slight openings between the lifted cuticles. The steam also permeates into the hair shaft, expanding the hair. When hair expands, the cuticles also expand allowing any treatment to sink deep into the roots. 

For color or perms, damage to the hair is reduced significantly because the steam allows for the absolute minimum amount of chemicals to be used. In other words, by using steam treatment, damage to your hair is drastically held to a minimum while creating moisture-rich, beautiful hair. 


MIZU  Treatment

This course is ideal for those looking to avoid hair damage from chemicals used during a color or perm process. The color/perm is applied using an imported, specialized Japanese steam machine throughout the process in order to prevent further damage to the hair. 
After the color/perm, the hair is thoroughly washed of all chemicals.

While using the Japanese steam machine, three kinds of treatments are applied to the hair to minimize any frizz or damage as well as provide ample moisture (we use the MILBON SMOOTH or ANTI-FRIZZ series).



MILBONのSMOOTH かANTI-FRIZZを使い3種類のトリートメントでしっかり保湿していきます。


This is our most recommended course. 
Before using any chemicals for the color or the perm process, a specialized Japanese steam machine is utilized to prevent any further damage to the hair. 
After the color/perm chemicals have been applied, the hair is thoroughly washed and treatment is applied.

The Japanese steam machine is used throughout the treatment process to minimize any frizz or damage while providing ample moisture.

The MILBON MOISTURE series (5 types of hair repairing components) is applied to repair any damage from inside the hair.

In addition, MILBON SMOOTH and ANTI-FRIZZ (3 types) is applied to add shine and moisture to the outside of the hair. 
This course comes with an at-home hair care treatment.




MILBONのMOISTURE(5種類の毛髪補修成分)を使用し髪内部のダメージを修復します。更にSMOOTH かANTI-FRIZZ(3種類)を使用し髪の外側を輝くしなやかな髪質にします。