Permanent Wave



Cold Permanent is the most standard perm process.

The protein in the hair is set using perm solution, allowing for waves to be created without utilizing heat.

When the hair is wet, waves appear prominent and more defined. However, when the hair dries, the waves will appear more loose and gentle. 

Cold Perm is recommended for those who would like soft flowing waves that is moisture rich and can be styled casually scrunched. 

When styling your waves, we recommend applying any mousse or setting lotion on wet hair. Dry your hair with the lowest setting on your hair dryer to achieve the best results.

コールドパーマが一般的なパーマと呼ばれる種類になります 。





“Styles that look great with a standard perm”

Those who would like soft, gently flowing waves or those who are looking to add volume to sections of their hair.



“Hair that is not suited for standard perm”

Perm cannot be applied to hair that has been treated or colored. The chemicals will cause further damage and may result in hair breaking off at the scalp.  

Short hair is also difficult to perm. We recommend trying digital perm for those with short hair. 




Digital Perm

Digital Perm is a type of hair treatment that shapes the hair into curls by altering the chemical makeup of the hair using heat.

When the hair is dried, the waves appear more prominently allowing for easier styling.

When drying the hair, it is best to curl the hair around a finger while using a hair dryer.

The downside to digital perm is that the perm cannot be applied at the root. However styling is easy to achieve simply by drying the hair. 

It is recommended for those that would like to have curls resembling those that are created using a curling iron. 






“Is your hair well suited for digital perm?”

Digital Perm is well suited for those who have thick, voluminous hair. 

If you have had difficulty perming your hair due to your hair being too straight, you should give digital perming a try. 

It can be applied to hair that has been previously curled. 





“Hair that is not suited for digital perm”

Digital Perm cannot be applied if your hair is heavily damaged due to color treatment or bleach. 

Digital Perm is not suited if your current hair has been heavily thinned.

Digital Perming involves the use of heat throughout the process. If you are sensitive to heat, you may want to reconsider the perm.





Styles that look great with digital perm: Digital Perm would be a great choice for those who would like to easily style their hair or for those who would like to maintain three-dimensional curls like those created with a curling iron. 


Japanese Mizu Liscio Straightening

It is crucial that all first-time appointments be booked only after a free consultation appointment to assess the condition and type of hair. The quick 10 minute consultation can be scheduled either by phone or by email. There will be no wait time if you can come in at 9:45AM since it will be before we open for the day.

We can also schedule consultations after 9:45 AM, however there may be a wait time as we try to schedule consultations in between customer hair appointments.




“Japanese Straightening Technique works well for”

Those who have very firm, thick hair (like most Asian hair) 

Those who are looking to lessen overall volume.

Those who currently have no color or perm. If colored, it is still possible if the color is a shade of brown, or if the color was to cover grey hairs. 

“Japanese straighteningは次の様な髪質の方に適しています”




“Japanese Straightening Technique is not suited”

If your hair has been heavily bleached or there is severe damage, we cannot proceed with the straightening. 

“Japanese Straighteningに適していない髪質”